Aug 26, 2008

Mini Calendars

Today, I received a wonderful email from Tina, a kindergarten teacher from California.
She wrote about enjoying the mini calendar.

Below are a few creative ideas how others have recycled the mini calendar.
  • One woman used them with scrap booking.
  • Another mom recycled the mini calendar page of the day as a note for her daughters lunch bag.
  • Another kindergarten teacher gave a page to a different student every day. Each student had a chance to feel special.

Some great ideas!

Do you have a creative way to recycle the pages of the mini calendar? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Jul 14, 2008

Trip to Italy

Just returned from a trip to Italy.   Art was everywhere..from the flower pots in the windowsills and the way people dressed to the architecture. Even the cappuccino's were works of art. My favorite city was Florence ... will post photos soon.

Max and Trilly- love at first sight

I found these cute puppies at Animal Haven, a wonderful rescue animal shelter and fell in love! But, I couldn't decide which one to take home... they were both so adorable.   So,  I called my husband and son to help choose.

When they came and saw the puppies together, they couldn't decide either

... then my husband said "let's take both!"

So we did...

They play together and are so much fun. Max is part Chow and had hair galore, Trilly doesn't have as much and it is not as thick. This summer, Max was miserable ( we thought he'd put on weight) When Max had a summer hair cut, he looked 50 lbs thinner...(hey! why doesn't that happen to me ?) 

Max's haircut makes him look like a little lamb.   
Notice Max has a Pom Pom tail.

Jun 25, 2008

new fabric designs

new fabric designs

The Studio

loves coffee...

....and it is Good for you!

Becky Kelly Artist Blog

Want a behind the scenes look at artist Becky Kelly's Studio and life?

Come sit and have coffee with me and walk through my day.

To the left, a photo of my studio being built. It is a dream come true for me.  Look out the windows and image a pond with a waterfall tumbling down a rock wall and lovely pond lilies, birds playing, bunnies and deer finding respite,  water splashing and greenery abounding.

that is what I do...

(But hope to have a pond one day - besides, dreaming is most of the fun anyway)

We do have a puddle, so it's a start.  

; )

what I'm working on