Oct 30, 2013


Fall Thank You Sale!  
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Oct 26, 2013


New for fall!

Cottontail bunny
bug &

A few days ago, Sherri wrote and mentioned she missed the illustrated envelopes that came with my cards in the past....I loved those envelopes, too.

I've been spoiled by the beautiful quality envelopes Hallmark produced with my "Spoonful of Stars" line and with the "Papyrus" line of cards and envelopes (woodland animals).  

A few days ago, I was looking at cards embellished with gorgeous additions like glitter and foil.    Sob! I miss those days when cards had all the "extras".  Cards are not as popular as in years past.  Many card companies have cut back on all the extras.  The cost to add illustrated envelopes would be at least an additional 1.00 per card.
Sherri suggested using stamps to decorate the envelopes.   
People can have fun making and designing their own envelopes.
I've added two more new stamps to my new stamp collection, 
the kitten and the bunny cotton tail. (due in the shop very soon)  
With a dot of red ink, you can add a tiny red tongue to the kitten drinking milk out of the bowl.

So, my question to you is this...

what would you like to see in stamps? 
like bears, Christmas, fairies, animals ?

Do you prefer the wooden block or the handle? 
Would you buy only the rubber part (for less) and add your own block?
Because stamps are made in small runs, my cost is high.   
These stamps cost about 10.00 each to make.    
Compared to other stores (where they are mass produced) this price seems high.  
Is $14.99 is too high? - the retail price would be even higher, making it cost prohibitive
are stamps still hot?
What are you looking for in a stamp?

What do you think?
I truly value your opinion

Oct 22, 2013

Pocket Mirrors

I'm so excited! 
Check out these tiny pocket mirrors handmade by fellow Etsyian, Flirtbuttons. 
I've asked her to create some for my shop.
We've just added some new ones to the site. 
They have a little mirror on the back and come in a sweet organza bag.
What do you think?

Oct 17, 2013

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn !


I love Halloween.
Pumpkins, spice, fall air, berries and candles,  
and the soft warmth of lanterns in the windows
Halloween Lanterns

It started with only a few pumpkin lanterns...then
One year, some of my lanterns went missing

We have lots of windows in the front of the house.
They are perfect for these lanterns. 
I ended up buying a few new orange paper lanterns, 
and simple lights.
Then I drew funny faces with markers. 

...each year I like to change and add new ones
the purple/pink pumpkin was purchased at Trapps years ago.  
 "Trick or Treat"  Pumpkin Lanterns.