Apr 25, 2017

Watercolor Peonies - learning and growing

Watercolor Flowers 
(day 1)

Last week, I accompanied my dad to the Hansford Center in St. Albans, WV.
A small group of dedicated artist gather each week to paint in watercolor.
It's really quite fun. 

I love to paint. The people in his group are interesting and inspirational.
Sometimes, I try my hand at realistic watercolor.
This is a watercolor peony from a friends photo.

While we painted, live Appalachian dulcimer music played in the room next door, beautiful.
It was almost heaven.

Dad is 91 and still painting.  In fact, his painting was just accepted into a WV juried art exhibit,
Aqueous 2017.                       I'll post more about his painting later.

Midway through my painting
I'm looking forward to finishing this watercolor Peonies painting
(Something to look forward to finishing on my next visit)
Peonies - Watercolor

Currently, I am stretching into other areas of art.  Learning and growing,  painting realistic flowers, fruit and landscapes.   It's quite a departure from fairies and children.

I'm also working on some Children's Book Art for my portfolio and have attended seminars, and lectures, plus reading everything I can find.  The SCBWI is a good resource for "how to's".
Going from greeting cards to books, not an easy transition.  It is an all new experience.
I've learned how much I need to learn.
 Learning and growing is the best part of living.   
 Just ask my dad.  Age 91 and still growing.

Mar 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

When I was little, dad would take my brother, sister and me on long walks in the forests near our home. Tall cliffs of rocks with deep emerald green moss and vines created a beautiful woodland playground. We had to be very quiet when hiking past the "Devil's Tea Table", an enchanted place for sure. 

Peeking through parted leaves and wildflowers we scanned the area, searching for signs of fairies.

This is the inspiration for my illustration
"fairy and bug" Sleeping on a mushroom

Sometimes we found something! ... like an acorn top..."no doubt it was a fairy teacup!" or little red berries scattered on the ground, "signs of a party the night before" we were sure! 

One of my favorite places in West Virginia is Bear Town
I even love the name- "Bear Town".

Visit this link - for beautiful photos, or Google Bear Town in northern Greenbrier. Enchanting! This one of my favorite places ever. 


from wikipedia

Happy St. Patrick's Day!    
(photos taken with my iphone  ... it is that beautiful!)

yes      It is beautiful

Mar 8, 2017

Periwinkle Sky Shop is Open!

visit the shop!

Hi Friends! My Periwinkle Sky Shop is OPEN!
friends of my site. 
Use Coupon Code   TAKE10   for 10% off!

The Periwinkle Sky Shop is now open!   

In order to create new artwork and still keep the shop open, we've made a few changes.

Sadly, shipping packages and being organized just isn't my gift!  
(just ask anyone who knows me)
We've loved conversing, offering acid free mats, show kits and other freebies...  but it is too expensive to maintain without raising your costs.  In an effort to reduce cost,  we are shipping direct from the printer!  We offer lower prices on shipping, faster service, plus better packaging and protection for your print.  We even offer a few new sizes. 

We are offering postcards and greeting cards in a variety of quantities with lower shipping.    
A free postcard with every purchase over $25.00 - **except for prints coming to you directly from the printer** 
We are still working out details of shipping
We refund excess shipping if it's $2.00 over our actual cost, including shipping overseas.
If shipping seems way off, please let me know.  We will make every effort to make it correct, 
we are adjusting to the new system. 

your friends at Becky's online shop,
Periwinkle Sky.