Jun 27, 2012

Sign up for the Sleeping Fairy June Give - aWay

Sign up for the Sleeping Fairy June Give - aWay 
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Jun 1, 2012

Fairys in my Gardens ~ June Give A Way!

Sleeping Fairy  (new version)

Shhhhhh,   don't awaken her.  
It's Springtime in the garden and this fairy has been busy
     watering and tending the garden, spreading fairy dust, and chasing away pests       
so that butterflies and ladybugs may live peacefully in her gardens.
 She allows a bunny or two in her garden because she enjoys watching them,
( although they did nibble on the coreopsis )  This garden is, after all, natures buffet.
...or so it seems my garden is these days.  

It is evening ~ time for a little nap 
before the night sky sets in 
and the full moon rises.
Spring Give Away  ~  5 card set

Sleeping Fairy Note cards  
Spring Give Away  ~  5 card set
 inside design with butterfly and ladybug

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