Aug 26, 2008

Mini Calendars

Today, I received a wonderful email from Tina, a kindergarten teacher from California.
She wrote about enjoying the mini calendar.

Below are a few creative ideas how others have recycled the mini calendar.
  • One woman used them with scrap booking.
  • Another mom recycled the mini calendar page of the day as a note for her daughters lunch bag.
  • Another kindergarten teacher gave a page to a different student every day. Each student had a chance to feel special.

Some great ideas!

Do you have a creative way to recycle the pages of the mini calendar? I'd love to hear your ideas!


twinkle said...

I've used them to decorate my work space, especially the one's with sweet thoughts on them!
Hey, welcome to blogland! Come visit anytime. We can have make-believe tea and little cakes...

Ross said...

Two things: One I put them in cards that I send people. Also, my daughters and I cut out our fav's, put packing tape on the outside and glued magnets to the back. Now we have the cutest magnets for our fridge!

becky kelly studio said...

That sounds perfect! Very creative.

Ross said...

Also my sister just told me that she uses them for gift tags.