Nov 30, 2012

New Christmas Card - Red Stockings

I'm excited!
New Christmas Card Arrived in the studio!
The color is amazing, these cards have lots of nice detail.

Bright and Vibrant Cards

These cards are a few of my new line of cards, Periwinkle Sky (Made in America)
Chosen by the wonderful friends of my website and blog.
inside detail

Nov 27, 2012

Welcome to the Shop

 Welcome to the Shop!

Come in for a sneak peek.

Meet Julie   ~

Julie is the Studio's new Writer, Editor and Shop Manager.  
She is preparing some packages for shipping.  

What would I do without her?

As a published Children's Book Writer,
Julie brings a wonderful sense of
charm and joy to the studio.

Julie Prepares Packages for Shipment

 Bumble Bea Tea Painting

Bumble Bee Tea Watercolor Painting
Artwork in the Studio

Often, people ask me how it is best to
frame watercolor prints. 
(It really depends upon your own preferences)

This image is "Bumble Bee Tea"
an Original Watercolor Painting.
It is displayed in a 7 X 7 inch opening, square format, matted in a creamy white 12 X 12 mat with a thin Periwinkle Border
A 1930's thin vintage style frame was used to not compete with the delicate art.

UV glass helps to help protect watercolor artwork.

Sleeping Fairy Note Cards

All tied up in a pretty bow

Julie adds final touches to the package.
This gift package is almost ready to be shipped

Becky prepares a package...

...another busy day at the Studio.

off to the Post Office.

A snowy day outside

Dreaming of Spring!

"Time to go home"'s time to go on a WALK


Nov 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving and 
Merry Merry Christmas!

~   happy holidays   ~ 

good on most items in the shop 
Shop Thanksgiving Day until Dec 15th, 2012

(paste the code into the coupon code box near the end of the checkout)
The code is:


Your friends at Becky Kelly's Online Shop

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Nov 20, 2012

Christmas Morning Joy Cards!

You asked, we listened...
Christmas Morning Joy!

Originally, this card was designed with a bright red border. Many people remarked (on my blog and in emails) about how much more they preferred the white border in the original rough.   One woman suggested "The white border shows off the sensitive watercolor look of the card, lending a more charming look and feel".  Another woman said she liked both borders.  The red one is "eye catching, bright and bold".  But, she also tended to prefer the white one for a different look, a softer and warmer feel. 
Several people mentioned the white helped the watercolor detail stand out better and look fresher.

After careful consideration, and after reviewing comments... I have to say I totally agree!   Fortunately, I was able to change the border to white.  With fingers and toes crossed, and with no more glitches, the "Christmas Joy" white bordered cards will be here November 26 - 29th.  Cards may be preordered now.  All preordered cards will be labeled and stamped and ready to go as soon as they are delivered. 

 Although it is too late to make more changes for this year, ( cards have gone to press)
I'd love to know your thoughts.   It will help me with designing next years cards!

Watercolor with White Border
Card with Christmas Red Border


Ride a Little Pony

White vs Red borders?

what would you like to see in a New Christmas Card?

more Spiritual Cards?
leave a message below!
I love reading your comments!

a big Thank you for All your help on this card     ; )

Nov 19, 2012

Merry Merry . Skaters

Merry Merry Skaters
Christmas Card Set
Smaller Size 4  X 5.25
5 cards and envelopes
.  limited card .
(available for preorder- due in shop on Dec 3rd)

Nov 15, 2012

Christmas Cards Coming Soon!

Thank you for your help on selecting this years Christmas Cards.
I wish we could have printed all of them,
but we had to narrow it down to the top  Four Cards.
These cards have gone to press and if everything goes well, they will be ready and in stock next week!  ...   Just in time for the Holidays.

Thank you for your help   

Red Stuffed Stockings . Toys

Celebrate the Magic of the Season


Sugar Plum Dreams

Inside .   May all your Holiday dreams come true
Cover art   .  Watercolor snow scene

Christmas Morning. Joy!
May your Christmas filled with Joy

Nov 11, 2012

Christmas Cards!

I'll be posting the cards selected soon!
Thank you for your help, 
sure is a difficult choice. 
Thanks for all your input.

Nov 8, 2012

Christmas Cards - I Need Your Help!

Trying to figure out which card to print for Christmas is HARD.

Only one or two cards can be printed each year.
Help me choose a favorite.
I will only keep these up a very short time.
Can you tell me which is your favorite card?
One or two will be chosen to go into my card line this Season.
Which one do you like?  Please leave a message below!     Thank you for your assistance.


2) 2 versions of skaters

A.  Have A Merry Merry Christmas
B.  Merry Christmas
c.  Seasons Greetings

3)  the little house 

 Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year

4)  Kids Christmas morning 

5)     Sugar Plum Dreams 

6)     Santa Card
Have a Merry Merry Christmas!


May your days be Merry and Bright

7)    Santa and Apples Deer
 6)  Fresh repaint with polar animals, no kids...maybe next years?

Nov 3, 2012



I love Halloween.
Pumpkins, spice, fall air, berries and candles,  
soft warmth of lanterns in the windows. 
Halloween Lanterns

One year, some of my lanterns went missing.

I ended up buying new orange paper lanterns, and simple lights.
Then I opened the lanterns and drew faces with markers. 

...each year I like to change and add new ones
the purple/pink on was purchased at Trapps years ago.  
 "Trick or Treat" by my house to see our Pumpkin Lanterns.