Dec 5, 2010

Christmas ~ Wishing You Peace

  It's that time of year...Christmas!

But for some (....Moms- you know who I mean....)
It is a time when things start to become too busy, too crowded, too costly, too stressful...
 ....too much.
Today, I was reminded of what Christmas is really about.  It's a time for peace, a time to stop and give thanks, to remember what is important.  It is a time for music, scented candles, counting blessings, 
sipping Hot Cocoa by a fireplace and time for watching the snow fall.
It's a time to  slow down, and spend time for friends and family.  

Our church is doing something special for the Season, it is called the "Advent Conspiracy"
a project created to help bring clean drinking water to people world wide.   
Next week,  I plan to donate 20% of my Etsy shop to help this project.  

If you ask a child what they remember most about this time of year, it is the little things that mean the most.   Spending time together, reading books, baking cookies, trimming the tree and making cards. 
What do you remember most?

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