Apr 25, 2011

Mother's Day

show her how much you care

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This is my favorite way to frame
Find an 8 X10 image
crop it to fit a square deco feel frame and mat
~  so  pretty  ~

"No matter where I go
No matter what the season,
No matter how old I get,
No matter the reason..."


"I know you're always there for me and I feel so blessed to have a Mom like you"

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 ~sunny afternoons~
Mother's Day Prints- Sunny Afternoons


Jennifer said...

My favorite thing about spring is how everything is fresh and new...no matter how gray the winter was, all is forgotten with the first sight of leaf buds and crocus petals. :)

Your work is so soft and lovely...always brings a smile to my day :)


Shar22 said...

What I love about spring is the fresh air, the green grass, and all the beautiful color coming back with the flowers, shrubs, and trees. I also love hearing all the lovely sounds of the birds.
You create beautiful art Becky! Thanks.

wendy said...

I love Spring because it is like a new beginning. All the "old" winter stuff is washed away by the rain, and the "new" sprouts up to cheer us and give us a fresh clean look. The smell of the earth is invigorating, the flowers, buds and birds are rejoicing! Thank-you so much for your artwork. It has a very special place in my heart.

hannahbugsmom said...

My favorite part of spring is the opportunity for renewal while still taking time to pause. All the trees, flowers & animals arrive & give you the extra burst of energy to tackle goals & projects; yet the beauty of nature reminds you to pause for the little things.

becky kelly studio said...

I have LOVED reading all your comments, they are so descriptive and make me feel the spring air.


Tracey said...

I live in Michigan and I love every season, each has it's own special magic. I can't think of anything nicer than a cup of tea (or coffee for you Becky!!) in the garden on a warm spring morning ... the sun, the flowers, the buzzing bees, the singing birds ...

becky kelly studio said...

Hi Shar22, hope you get this message! I need your email.
thank you (you are a winner!)


Shar22 said...

Becky its me Shar22 --so sorry I didn't respond sooner --I am so behind from doing those Springy things like cleaning up the garden. I won! Oh my gosh you made my day -and here it is Mother's Day--a very happy one to you. My email is shar226@gmail.com. Thank you!