May 30, 2011

Note Cards ~ Summer of Dreaming Fairies

Imagine walking through a beautiful summer garden. 
The scent of fresh flowers, roses, lavender and viburnum fill the air. 
As you brush back the greenery of the phloxs, 
you spy a little fairy 
sleeping on a mushroom, 
quietly dreaming among the phlox. 

...shhhhh~ please don't awaken her
 5 Note Card Set with Envelopes
Note- Large Watermark Copyright is not on actual card 

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my tiny fairy garden

Set of 5 Sleeping Fairy Notecards



Bumpkin Bears said...

These are the most dreamy illustrations ever, I just get lost in them :) Hope you are keeping well, Hugs, Catherine x

becky kelly studio said...

Thanks Catherine, love your adorable bunnies and bears~