Aug 2, 2011

Princess Party & Fireflys Study

Lately, I've been inspired by princess, party and Unicorn themes.
Gathering inspiration from
Pre Raphaelite paintings,
 and Italian Renaissance.

Italian Renaissance seems 
fresh and new again,  like a cool drink of water
Researching and learning keeps me interested.
There is so much to learn~  
I contrast the girls pale, moonlight washed skin,
to appear glowing 
against a deep, dark blue-green forest background. 

Can you find the many Stories in this painting?

A tea party
A pet Unicorn 
two Princes (toads) 
can you spy them?

Wonder why is there a red velvet couch in the woods?
....(I felt like painting red velvet at night )
I wanted to try the deep red velvet couch
set against
 some deep blue green forestry.
Usually the children are very idealistic, but this time my husband pointed out these girls
are older and more  sulky...was that intentional?
Tonight, as you go for a walk outside,
look at the glow of white flowers in the dark or
the glow of stars vs fireflys vs candle light
vs lights strung across a patio

What did you see, what did you learn?

Lots more to learn...
Lots to do
Try these color combinations
violet RED peach
Blue GREEN yellow greens

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