Jun 1, 2012

Fairys in my Gardens ~ June Give A Way!

Sleeping Fairy  (new version)

Shhhhhh,   don't awaken her.  
It's Springtime in the garden and this fairy has been busy
     watering and tending the garden, spreading fairy dust, and chasing away pests       
so that butterflies and ladybugs may live peacefully in her gardens.
 She allows a bunny or two in her garden because she enjoys watching them,
( although they did nibble on the coreopsis )  This garden is, after all, natures buffet.
...or so it seems my garden is these days.  

It is evening ~ time for a little nap 
before the night sky sets in 
and the full moon rises.
Spring Give Away  ~  5 card set

Sleeping Fairy Note cards  
Spring Give Away  ~  5 card set
 inside design with butterfly and ladybug

it's easy to enter!
sign up below with a comment about what you love about Gardens!
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becky kelly studio said...

Leave a way for me to contact you if you win or check back often to see if you are the winner!

Susan said...

I LOVE your new Sleeping Fairy Note cards, Becky.
What do I love about gardens? The anticipation after you've planted a seed! The delight of watching it grow and bloom! The feeling you get from just admiring God's handiwork! It's amazing!
Thanks for the chance to win your new cards, and for your generosity!

Ari'el said...

Oh, I love gardens, the palette of colors, the textures, the fragrances, all the amazing petals, like jewels... just fills my heart and makes it sing! I also like getting my hands dirty and helping my garden grow, its very satisfying, anchoring work, and I'm teaching my children about gardening too, and nature study, we take our pencils and papers outside and draw the flowers, leaves, birds, etc. Passing on the love.

Love your Sleeping Fairies, so peaceful. Thanks for offering these cards Becky, they will make someone very happy!

Brikko Hayashi said...

I love the peaceful quiet of gardens, the smells, the colors, the quiet bee bumping around the flowers. And I love that you always find something different every time you visit. (^_^) I'm at Brikko Hayashi on FB.

prancing along a field of butterflies said...

I love the garden for it's dew drops in the early morning,
For the fresh scents of lush in the noon,
And the peaceful tranquility as the blooms sleep at night.

prancing along a field of butterflies said...

The garden is where all things magical are born.

prancing along a field of butterflies said...

I love how the gardens only bloom and flourish under great tender care by the sun and drizzles of water by the rain. Nature at it's peak

prancing along a field of butterflies said...

I love how the garden represents life in it's own small manner. Always flourishing and wilting only to flourish again with the changing seasons. It gives hope

prancing along a field of butterflies said...

I love the gardens because it's the playground of fairies, a place where magic reigns free. I would always go as a little girl. This post has reminded me of a wonderful childhood

prancing along a field of butterflies said...

I love the gardens because that's the place my granma would open up to me and told me stories of her childhood

Shar22 said...

I love all the colors and scents in a garden and the possibilities of seeing so many wonderful blessings of nature--butterflies, birds, delicate blossoms, ladybugs, dragonflies etc.!

Bumpkin Bears said...

I love to watch the bumble bees buzzing with their fuzzy bottoms on all my flowers, especially the foxgloves. Flowers always make me smile. LOVE your cards as ever, nice to have found you on facebook.
Catherine x

becky kelly studio said...

I love ALL of these comments! Perfect!

Tammy's in Love said...

Hush little baby don't you cry...Becky, I'm not sure you have ever created a picture I didn't love! I've added a new fan for you, another mom like me with adopted Asian daughter and homemade daughter!


becky kelly studio said...

Hey! :))) Thanks for adding someone new! I think that alone should be worth at least 5 points!

Delcia R. said...

A garden creates a place you can work in, walk in, look at and watch the hand of God unfold the wonders contained in a seed, bulb or root. A garden brings birds of all kinds, worms to work the soil, butterflies, dragonflies, and even bunnies (not quite so pesky now that they've eaten into nonexistence the things they love and leave the rest alone!). With all there is to enjoy, tending a garden becomes enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

Your cards are breathtaking Becky! Your work opens up a world of enchantment and beauty...
Hugs Rosemary...xo

prancing along a field of butterflies said...

Hi Becky, how do you draw like that? I've tried to sketch some of your drawings in my sketch book but it doesn't have that same magical touch ...

Carolyn said...

I try to make our garden into a little piece of countryside, that is what I love. Natural, blossomy and peaceful ^_^

becky kelly studio said...

Catherine of Bumpkin Bears! You've won a set of 5 sleeping fairy cards! You can choose this version of the sleeping fairy, or a set of mixed sleeping fairies. ; )
Contact me for details! Thx, Becky