Oct 29, 2012

Halloween Freebie for October DIY Craft!!

Trick or Treat!
(*mostly treat)

FREE !   DIY craft
A Free Mini Zine for Halloween!    
for a limited time only

On the download page of my website


Use code
in the code box near the bottom of the page
(Scroll all the way to the bottom - downloads will show up near the bottom of this page)
You will receive DIY
3 pages-  2 pages of art and 1 instruction page

1) download
2) print (follow instructions)  print on both sides of paper
3) fold as directed and staple sides
4) trim edges  (young kids need help cutting)

Fun craft to make with Kids,
free  book and give it to your friends

Copyright Becky Kelly Studio,LLC Worldwide rights
all rights reserved, do not reproduce to sell

easy to make

Let me know what you think below.


becky kelly studio said...

Stay inside from the storm - make CRAFTS!

becky kelly studio said...

**Tip in printing**

When my printer prints this image, the top image prints out at the bottom (printed from the back or the rear printer).

I took the image and rotated it 180 degrees,
then flipped it so the blank (back) side is showing.
(the top images on the reverse side would be closest to the opening of the printer slot.

Print out the next page.

it is confusing
You may need to try this different ways to get it just right

TIP** Some people tell me they cut slits after the book is stapled.
Cut the sides that logically would open to make a book, some will be on the side, some on the bottom and a few on the top.

It should work now
: )
Becky Kelly