Dec 14, 2012

Itty Bitty Mini Card Set of 12, Friends for all Seasons

Itty Bitty Mini Card Set

People have been asking me if they could purchase these mini cards
(the ones I give out with purchase.) 

So here they are!

This is a set of 12 Mini Cards
Almost 2 X 3 inches - flat  *Not folded*
(plus two bonus mini cards)
Friends For All Seasons

Set includes 3 Christmas minis, more spring mi
nis, several summer mini cards.
and a few fall minis.   Two or three are Thank You mini cards.
Two with quote "Because everyone needs a little Fairy Dust now and then"

*mittens and ornament not included


softearthart said...

So lovely, cheers Marie

Anonymous said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful!
Merry Christmas Becky!
Hugs Rosemary...xo