Feb 27, 2014

Lions, Bunnies, and Bears, Oh My!

Easter is Coming...  

Bunny and Daffodile
1.  Bunny and Daffodil

Sending a Big "Thank You"
for suggestions about what you'd like to see in my Rubber Stamps.
(you know who you are!)
Your voice is important!
I love to hear your thoghts.
Please Vote for Easter Stamps,

Whats would you most like to see?
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fish pet or no fish?

2.  Mermaid and Fish

Feel free to suggest the things you'd like to see in my Rubber Stamps
please use the comment section below. 

3.  Bear with Heart

4. Sun Bonnet Sue Watering Flowers

5. Kitty  &  Milk
7. Becky Kelly's Bunny
6.  Chipmunk & Star

8. Elephant Blowing Bubbles

Please post your comments below! 


Karen Askerlund said...

Oh Becky they are all so adorable !
Bunnies always make me think of Easter, I have been a huge fan of your bunnies for years... have you ever done a chickie ?
What about an Easter Elephant ...giggle :)

becky kelly studio said...

A chick... LOVE this!!...will think about chicks tomorrow

Karen LeMoine said...

chicks are so adorable and are next in line when it comes to Easter after bunnies.. then baby lambs :)

Luke's mum said...

I think 'your' version of mice would be adorable. Is there any chance a line of wind up Becky Kelly music boxes could come out? Your art on the outside and 'Clair du Lune' and other lullabies play when opened or wound up...would love them