Jun 30, 2014

Child Reading in a Blue Dress (Summer Garden note cards)

This note card set was added to my card collection by personal request from Debra.
It is an image of a child in a delicate blue dress reading in a garden.  A bunny watches.
The border is painted in a light delicate Robin's egg blue with lily of the valley detail. 

I was inspired by a Tasha Tudor painting of a "girl in a blue dress reading", and wanted to do a stylized version to honor Tasha Tudor's artwork.

Image inspired by Tasha Tudor painting, a girl reading in a blue dress

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Annelies said...

I love this...and I LOVE TTudor. I have a few of her prints in my home, and some are signed which I dearly treasure.
What a lovely card, and what a sweet inspirational blog post. XXX

becky kelly studio said...

Hi Annelies, Yes! I Love how authentic her work looks and feels. I too, have some prints and an original and treasure them. Her beautiful work was featured in a museum in Kansas City. I was so impressed, it made me want to do this tribute. The Tasha Tudor museum is in Brattleboro, VT. It's on my bucket list.

Karen Askerlund said...

This is absolutely adorable Becky... I am putting this on my wish list to add to my collection of prints.. Money is tight right now getting 4 kids ready for school... When I need a smile I just go to your shop and look at all of your lovlies !!