Dec 30, 2014

30% off - closing up shop NEWS for 2015

Thanks for making 2014 a wonderful year,
for helping the shops be so successful, it has been fun. 
2015 is a time for reNEWal!
I plan to close up shop to dedicate time to create new stuff for 2015. 
Stop by for some big sales, because I'll be closing up shop soon.
30% off both shops. 
use Coupon code  JANSALE30 @  PeriwinkleSky.etsy
-prices as marked @


Gail Gassen said...

Hi becky! Several years ago I contacted you about buying your items wholesale for my then new shop. Painted Birdhouse Designs, my name is Gail Gassen, I wasn't able to get back with you at the time & I'm very sorry for that. I found out I had breast cancer & it through me for a loop obviously. My daughters ran the shop for quite awhile. & I had to close for awhile, but I've been back open for about 13 months now & would love to get some of your products, & mostly your beautiful cards. Is there a chance I might still do that? My new email address is shops address is 106 W Cannon Dr. That changed also, I'm still where I was but the hwy changed locations. Now I'm on an outer road in stead of a main hyway. I hope you'll consider me for 2015. I love your art work! There isn't anything you do that isn't just amazing! Thanks for listening, gail p.s. Have a wonderful new year! & praise the Lord I'm a survivor now for 5 yrs on March 31 2015! God bless!

becky kelly studio said...

Hi Gail! Congrats on being a 5 year survivor!!
Yes, I would love to have things in your shop. I sent a private email to you. We'll talk.