Sep 13, 2010

My Four Poster Bed

My Four Poster Bed
The bed in the photo is my bed.   
First, it was my 
Grandmother's bed, 
then my mother's bed, 
then mine.  
I love this bed, the carvings are 
intricate and beautiful.
The bed is very old, 
hand carved and from Germany.
Mother told me it came to America on a boat.  
I always pictured a boat with lots of embellishment and glamor, fine china and
gorgeous furnishings... the Titanic, only it didn't sink.  

( it was probably a cargo ship, 
but what fun is that?)
One night when I was little, I was horrified to awaken to see a tall dark shadowy figure standing at the end of my bed.  Unable to move or speak, I watched, making sure the ominous form wouldn't step closer.  My trusted dog, Puddles, slept close by my side to me to protect me.  I'm sure this incident made me trust in God even more as I prayed unceasingly all through the night for safekeeping.   The dark, terrifying figure quietly watched, looming over me, waiting, not moving an inch.   Pointing my finger like a gun, I choked out...                      "I have a gun, I will shoot!"               But he wouldn't leave.

Eventually, I drifted off to sleep...
....In the morning, I discovered I'd thrown my hat and coat
 on the post like a hat rack...silly me. 

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