Sep 28, 2010

Pumpkin Fairy Princess

Betcha didn't know I ran for
Little Ms. Niblet
at the  
Town Fair? 

...but I lost to Ms. Janie. 

Ok... so it was a Mock-U-Town-Fair
when I worked in the Humor division of Shoebox.
But, it was a blast. 
I worked with some of the most creative and talented people ever.

Imagine a typical office.  Then imagine a room filled with quilts on tables,
sunflowers spilling from vases, pumpkin pies and
the fresh scent of homebaked goodies in the air...

It was the real thing!   

From lemonade in mason jars, piping hot ham and corn dishes,
to little yellow rubber duck games, it was a Town Fair to be remembered.
(I even made my mother's recipe for homemade biscuits, still warm, wrapped in a country
floral dishcloth, in a woven basket with tasty jams on the side.)
Can't you taste the corn dogs, caramel apples, hot apple cider and apple pie?
Then there were the fair games and activities.
Andy Newcomb and Lee Ahern were the genius minds behind it all.
With exceptional creativity and originality they made
work too much fun to be called work.

.... Ms. Janie, if you are out there... 
I'm sorry I stole your crown.   ;  ) 


Foxglove Spires said...

I have just found your wonderful blog through the magic onions, your paintings and illustrations a soooooo beautiful, I love them!!! And your Pumpkin Princess is adorable as well. Reading your post I could just imagine myself at such a wondrous fair .... Thank you for taking me on a beautiful trip.
Have a lovely day. xxx

becky kelly studio said...

Thank you Foxglove Spires,
I adore the Magic Onions! The photos and crafts are wonderful!
Your blog is cute, I'm sure I'll stop by often.

Lynn :-) said...

Glad i found you on a blog :) i love your work! and the worlds you create- have a blessed day!♥

becky kelly studio said...

Thanks Lynn:-)