Oct 4, 2011

A Tiny Teenie Hallow-Zine

Halloween Craft! 

copyright Becky Kelly Studio, LLC
All Rights Reserved
How to make your own Zine 
(a tiny Magazine)

It's simple!
you can purchase the Zine craft on
www.PeriwinkleSky.etsy.com for just .99
no shipping-   just download it to your desk top and print.
Teachers!  Use as a Halloween Craft for the entire classroom

After you purchase the Zine, you will receive an email with your secret password and simple instructions on how to download the Zine to your desktop.

Print, fold, staple and trim...very easy!

Then go to my website   www.beckykelly.com
and go to the download page\ download the images and instructions.

It's easy to make  Make one as a gift for a friend

You will recieve
2 pages of art
and instructions

Also needed  (color printer, paper, sissors and stapler- kids may need hep with folding and siccors)

(let me know how it worked out for you)

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