Oct 16, 2011



I love Halloween,
pumpkins and spice and lots of candles.  This is a photo of my window.  
People tell me they like to drive by my windows just to look at the lanterns each year. 

Several of these lanterns were bought.  

But, one year, some of my lanterns went missing.

I ended up buying some orange paper lanterns online, and some lights.
Then I opened the lanterns and drew faces, dots and zig-zags with markers. 

...each year I like to add a new one!
kids like to "trick or treat" at our house to see the pumpkin lanterns.  What fun!


Martina Loos said...

Hi Becky

very nice and funny , by us in germany halloween is not so a great event ,sad but true... but I like the pumpkins too :-)
wish you a great time!
with best regards

becky kelly studio said...

Martina, What a treat to see your beautiful artwork. I like your blog. The translation thing is very good. I"d like to try it, too