Jul 8, 2012

Rain Soon

My sad garden is thirsty.   
in the midwest  
brown each way I turn.

While I was visiting my family in West Virginia, 
it rained almost everyday!  

 I was never so happy 
to feel the soft rain and see the mountain mist.

I'm praying for rain.  
... for all those depending upon rain for good yield this season.  

Let's pray for rain

~He Can Do Anything~ 

Please Rain Soon! 


Annelies said...

Yes to rain...and yes to the power of prayer!!! XXX

June said...

I would gladly send you some of our rain if I could... we have had 3 months of it, then a few days of sunshine, and now it looks like the rain is back again!
The UK is quite soggy this year!

Amy Kenyon said...

We were having a dry spell here in Ny but lately we have had a few good days of rain. I love a good rain storm. Praying for some rain to come your way! :)