Aug 4, 2012

My Garden is a LadyBug Resort


Photo by Suzanne Downing

We saw the most amazing beetle on a Potato Vine was like finding hidden treasure!
It looked like a bronze or a golden beautiful it did not look real.  It took my breath away.
See Photo of a Milkweed Tortoise Beetle
My husband and I discovered it as we were examining leaves, puzzled as to why there were holes.   Although these tiny bugs are beautiful, they are pests.  The unusual climate had brought many unwanted bugs to my garden this year.

I ordered live Ladybugs to help control the unwanted guests.  ordered over the internet, through Amazon.
Yesterday, they came in the mail, 1500 live Ladybugs!
Tonight, after the sun went down and the day began to cool, we watered the plants.  Then, we let the LadyBugs go.      AMAZING!   I will never tire of Ladybugs.

When I was little, I almost killed a spider.   But, my dad stopped me... saying "these bugs have every right to be here, besides... what would the spider children think when their Papa spider did not come home from work? "  Horrified, I thought of how they would find his little hat and briefcase on the sidewalk...but sadly, he would never return home to them again."   ... to this day, I carefully scoop bugs and take them outside to be set free...guess I was always destined to draw anthropomorphic bugs.

These Ladybugs will awaken tomorrow morning to a new home, a lovely garden with waterdrops on leaves, a leaf shaped pool nearby...and a full buffet of various larva.  These Ladybugs will enjoy their new home.

1500 Ladybugs do go everywhere.  Carefully, we gently brushed the strays off our shirts and into the potted geraniums...Yes, my humble garden would now become a luxury resort and spa for LadyBugs.


June said...

Gosh! What a bargain for so many ladybird bugs to help with your garden pest problem!
In the UK we are finding invasive species of ladybirds are moving in from other countries and threatening the survival of our native species.
To buy the right ladybirds here is more expensive, and you get just 25 in a box. But even 25 hungry bugs can make a difference to a pest problem :o)

becky kelly studio said...

I was shocked at how many Ladybugs they sent! I like to get Praying Mantis, the little ones are adorable.

Francesca said...

uuuuuh, what a lovely Daddy! So tender. Now I know why your drawings are so tendere too!

Kissis and Ladybugs forever!