Aug 28, 2012

New Baby Card

New~ Baby Cards
give away for August

welcome baby
or announcements

Each comment below
enters you in the
baby card competition for August.
winner announced on Sept 1st!

What are your favorite stuffed animals for baby?


Brooke said...

I love bees.

Shar22 said...

What darling cards! So special!

Karen LeMoine said...

I was born Jan 65' and for my first birthday I recieved a pink giraffe... that giraffe was actually stuffed with sawdust shavings back then..he traveled everywhere with me. I love giraffes so much that when each of my 4 children turned one I would buy them a special giraffe.. they are fancier now with real stuffing and wind up music boxes , but they all share my love for the ackward looking long necked animal.

Lenna said...

I had a stuffed wiener dog when I was little, so I will go with that! :-)

Anonymous said...

Bunnies and Teddy bears! Donna Clem

rh said...


MamaRocker said...

Personally I love anything that's soft and cute.. like a bunny or teddy bear. I bought her a pastel pink bunny before she was born and she loves it. My mom bought her a soft cat and a dog.. she loves them both.


Scouty Picklesimer said...

teddy bears, bunnies and elephants!

Brittany said...

Teddy bears, kitty cats...they're all so cute!

Becky Kelly said...

Karen L. and her pink giraffe won the August giveaway! -it's a set of my newest baby cards. KL, please contact me at my email becky (at) becky kelly (it's oneword) dot com