Oct 22, 2013

Pocket Mirrors

I'm so excited! 
Check out these tiny pocket mirrors handmade by fellow Etsyian, Flirtbuttons. 
I've asked her to create some for my shop.
We've just added some new ones to the site. 
They have a little mirror on the back and come in a sweet organza bag.
What do you think?


Fifi said...

Awesome !!!!

Karen LeMoine said...

These make such perfect little gifts for the special person .. I am so happy you started creating these ... Love them !!!
When I have some extra money I plan on buying a lot of these, there are many times when I am out and about that I see someone that looks like they could use a little magic in their day and how special would that be to reach into my purse and hand them a Becky Kelly precious Mirror !!!!