Nov 19, 2013

Free Thanksgiving DIY Mini Journal 2014

I am so Thankful for you!

Free Craft

Make your own
"Mini Gratitude Journal"
(note **pictures may vary year to year)

Free Adobe Reader Needed For Downloads
1) Go to my Download link near the bottom on the left

2) click on "Download page"

3)  Find Thankful Journal
(with a Hedgehog image)
Download 1 page of art

Download Adobe Reader Here

4) download art
5) Print Art -  on best setting  .   nice paper is best   * Choose Borderless Printing *
6) Fold as in video
(there should be 8 panels, with one slit ( use scissors) in the middle)
7) Fold to make a book

fold long-wise
fold in half

clip to center as shown
fold both ends in, then fold longwise again.

push both ends toward middle (a kiss!)
make an X,  fold so cover is on top.
Voila!   Your booklet.

 Copyright Becky Kelly
 Please respect copyrightFor personal use only,  please do not resale.
**let me know what you think!


becky kelly studio said...

sorry the video quality is a little rough ;)

Cathy said...

What a delightful little book! I was even able to figure out how to fold it with your helpful instructions. Thanks!

becky kelly studio said...

So glad you could tell how to make it. Someone emailed me and asked me to make one. (I need to thank her!) I liked the idea on it all being on one page.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Becky - this is adorable - thanks for sharing this little book. Hope you are having a good day.

becky kelly studio said...

Thanks Debbie, wow, that is some BIKE!