Nov 6, 2013

Need your help! Holiday Stamps

I sure could use your help with my
 new Holiday Stamps!

What you think about the images below for Rubber Stamps?
cast your VOTE (to the far right)
(#3-  should say Merry Christmas Tree)

   1.)  Hedgehog and Christmas Tree

copyright Becky Kelly Studio, LLC

2.)  Merry Christmas Fox
copyright Becky Kelly Studio, LLC

3.)   Merry Christmas Tree
oops! there is a typo on the vote count - (choose #3)
 Vote for Merry Christmas Tree - # 3 
copyright Becky Kelly Studio, LLC

4.)  X mas Pup
copyright Becky Kelly Studio, LLC


5.)  Hello X mas Hedgehog

copyright Becky Kelly Studio, LLC

 6.) Polar Bear
copyright Becky Kelly Studio, LLC

7.)  Snail Mail

copyright Becky Kelly Studio, LLC


Chris Weber VandenWymelenberg said...

Love the fox and the dog with banners! You need a bunny, love your bunnies!

Kory said...

I really love the first three, the hedgehog being the best!!

Anonymous said...

I like number2,3,4,5 and 7. Number 4 and 7 at the top of the list for me. I would like to be able to call up a larger image so I could see it better. Don't know if this is possible, I tried, but it didn't work. Love your stuff, I'm glad you bringing out more products, yay!!!!

Terry C.

becky kelly studio said...

yay! Thanks for the help!
(Hi Chris, I do have a bunny!)
come see-

Annelies said...

Ok...not much help because I love them all !!!! But my favorite is the tree with the star and the hedgehog is adorable. Very Merry assortment!!!!

SA McNally said...

My favorite is 3, the tree, but they're all very cute!

Thomas Wilson said...

#1, #2, and #7 (the last is likely to sell all year, not just holidays). PS The fox reminds me of your Dad.

Stephanie Corrales said...

I love all of them but I really love the ones with the hedgehogs & the snail mail. Those are adorable!

nikb5 said...

my favorite is definitely the fox!!! i also really like 5-7!
too cute! :)

goecker said...

I just LOVE #5 - Hope thid one wins - will have to purchase it for sure...

Tiffany Ratzman said...

I LOVE all but the Hello Xmas Hedgehog is probably my favorite.

Shar22 said...

Darling--I especially love the hedgehog!

becky kelly studio said...

This is great! Thanks for everyone's input. I wonder if I could do a vote app? Will try to figure it out!
Is it the # 5 Hedgehog that everyone likes? I think I like it, too.
One other thing. They are a bit expenive to make, but I found where I can just have the rubber cut, like a set. All of you scrapbookers and stampers? Do you buy just the rubber parts without a handle? Sure would cut the cost down and would be easy to mail...But they don't seem finished to me. Ideas?

Nan McD said...

I liked the fox the best Not sure why Tom thinks it reminds him of Dad - crafty like a fox ....crazy like a fox? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to have all the images if you got just the rubber done! I don't think uncounted stamps would deter a scrapbooker (or myself) because I love the images. My favorites are the hedgehog (both), fox, and polar bear. Super cute!

Karen LeMoine said...

I love the bunny and snail mail, both super cute for the back of envelopes year round and I stamp the back of the bills I send too ... Can NEVER have Too Much Becky Kelly in my House !!!
I shared your blog and I share your face book page on mine monthly