May 1, 2017

What do Mom's Want Most for Mother's Day?

What do Mom's Want Most for Mother's Day?

 Periwinkle Sky

 I'm a Mom....    
Does that make me an expert?  
Well, according to teens everywhere 
the answer is a definite...

But, In my opinion...
What do Mom's want for Mother's Day? 
Your Time,
A Phone Call (if you are far away),
Something Thoughtful,
and/or Something Handmade...
like ....a handmade card  
(that's right! Put me out of business!)

and if that isn't an option you can always visit my shop, Periwinkle Sky

Order Mother's Day items soon, 
The Shop will close from May 4th - May 18th

Moms, What do you want most? What was your favorite gift?
Please do tell!
 Periwinkle Sky Shop


Cathy said...

For me it's time alone with my sons and a handwritten note in a card (store-bought is fine with me :-)

becky kelly studio said...

Sound perfect! That would be my pick, too. But a hand written note is always a plus