Nov 8, 2012

Christmas Cards - I Need Your Help!

Trying to figure out which card to print for Christmas is HARD.

Only one or two cards can be printed each year.
Help me choose a favorite.
I will only keep these up a very short time.
Can you tell me which is your favorite card?
One or two will be chosen to go into my card line this Season.
Which one do you like?  Please leave a message below!     Thank you for your assistance.


2) 2 versions of skaters

A.  Have A Merry Merry Christmas
B.  Merry Christmas
c.  Seasons Greetings

3)  the little house 

 Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year

4)  Kids Christmas morning 

5)     Sugar Plum Dreams 

6)     Santa Card
Have a Merry Merry Christmas!


May your days be Merry and Bright

7)    Santa and Apples Deer
 6)  Fresh repaint with polar animals, no kids...maybe next years?


June said...

My favourite is Sugar Plum dreams, followed closely by the wider version of the children with the stockings - May Your Christmas Be Filled With Joy.

But of course, they are all lovely!

Annelies said...

Oh I love them ALL, but if I had to pick, the second and the fifth are my MOST favorite!!! You have such a gift....many blessings this holiday season. XXX

becky kelly studio said...

Oh Dear! I may have switched them....Annelies, can you let me know if it is still 2 and 5?

becky kelly studio said...

My Mother and Dad (not blog friendly)voted for the little house with Merry Christmas in the Sky and the Stockings being hung! Thanks Mom and Dad! But, Sugar Plum dreams wasn't up when they voted. : D

Mai Kemble said...

and Christmas morning kids.... ;)

Linda said...

Kids Christmas morning (#4) and The kids with their stockings(#1) and the skaters (#2) in that order. Love your work!

becky kelly studio said...

Thank you Linda, You motivated me to get going on the images this year. (yep, I'm a wee bit late)

Linda said...

hi Becky,
You are not late...but I am glad I wasn't too shy to contact you! thanks again!

Danielle M said...

I LOVE the Sugar Plum Dreams & the Santa w/ Reindeer/apple. Love your work :)

Annelies said...

Wow....honored that you addressed my email!!! So the sequence DID change, and my favorites are the third ( wide one) of the children with stockings, and my other favorite is kids Christmas morning ( which I think is my VERY favorite). XXXX

Rebecca said...

2 the second version and 5. Always been a huge fan of your work!

Wichtelzwerg said...

Hi, Becky

I love them all.......My Favoriten is Sugar Plum Dreams and the Kids with their stockings (1)

Love and Light

Martina Loos said...

Hi, Becky

My favorites is the third card version from your first position.

The kids with their stockings

love it!

with best wishes

becky kelly studio said...

This one did't post....Thanks Kathy, good idea on the Nativity.
All of these are so beautiful! Darling pictures. I would love to see you create a card that depicts a Nativity scene, the star over Bethlehem, angels announcing good news to the shepherds, or the Magi visiting.

Hope you are enjoying a glorious autumn!



becky kelly studio said...

This one didn't post either...Hello Becky!
Just a note to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your new Christmas cards. I especially liked the SUGAR PLUM DREAMS. However, I think that the LITTLE HOUSE would have wider appeal for the general public. They are all great! As usual, your work is so magical and inspiring!

I also wanted to ask you if you ever teach workshops or classes. I know you have your hands full with your business and your home life, so I am assuming you probably don't, but I thought it would not hurt to ask!

I wish you and your family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a wonderful holiday season!


becky kelly studio said...

J- classes (sounds intimidating : )...someone mentioned creating a video class a prior email... but I am not sure how to do that and make it look professional? I'll need to give this idea some thought.

becky kelly studio said...

another one not posting- hmmm? This one said...
"My favorite 3 are

The house in the snow. Beautiful and serene.

Skaters on ice with berries hanging down. Love it.

The Christmas morning celebration with the kids throwing their arms in the air. Expresses the joy and wonder of Christmas that children have and adults tend to forget about. : (

Cowboy Santa dancing with sock monkey. Funny and appeals to the country western crowd too.

I like the snowy border usually, but if the card is “busy” go with plain."

dappled days said...

It is very hard to pick but I really really love (5)Sugar Plum Dreams the best and I think the third card from the top (version 1) would be my second choice. They are all very beautiful though...

becky kelly studio said...

Another one - wasn't able to post-
liked the snow scene

Marina Alonso said...

Well, it's a little hard to choose, but I like them in this order: #6, #2 (second version), #5 and #4. Love your art! And, I got my box yesterday! Love it all! Thank you.

Marina Alonso said...

Oops, I wasn't #6, it's the last one, with the winter animals!

Brittany said...

I love #4 Kids on Christmas Morning, #1 May Your Christmas Be Filled With Joy, and #2 the Skaters...they are all so cute!

Martha said...

Wow! What a treat to see all of your beautiful Christmas creations. I love them all of course, but if I have to choose I would say #1 with the decorated border and #5 Sugar Plum Dreams. said...

I love them all, but I would go with sugar plum dreams! I love all the children sleeping in one big bed :)

becky kelly studio said...

Thank you so much!
Wish I could do all of them.
This has been incredibly helpful. I'm going to review next. (There are more comments on Facebook and more in emails) I wish I could do all of the ones you mentioned, if not this year then maybe next year.

Thank you all so much! I am truly grateful.

Nan McD said...

N here trying to post again. Sugar plum dreams is new and I like it too. Reminds be of the poem and of a favorite childhood Christmas decoration we used to put outside our home

becky kelly studio said...

Wow! I wish I could have printed each of your favorites, but we had to stop at four. Thanks to YOU, Christmas Cards should be in the Shop by the end of Next Week. Stop by the Shop after Thanksgiving. Cards should be in stock (if all goes well)

becky kelly studio said...

FIVE new cards are being printed and should be in the shop by the end of Nov. (Nov 26-29th expected due date)
1) Red, stuffed stockings
2) Christmas Morning- white border
3)Little House in the snow
4) Sugar Plum Dreams
5) - new! I did a (small) run of the skaters- due out Dec. 3rd

We are taking preorders, your package will be ready to ship as soon as the cards arrive in my shop...
(Look for a Black Friday Sale, coming soon!)

becky kelly studio said...

Hi! We have both now!

stop by the shop