Nov 27, 2012

Welcome to the Shop

 Welcome to the Shop!

Come in for a sneak peek.

Meet Julie   ~

Julie is the Studio's new Writer, Editor and Shop Manager.  
She is preparing some packages for shipping.  

What would I do without her?

As a published Children's Book Writer,
Julie brings a wonderful sense of
charm and joy to the studio.

Julie Prepares Packages for Shipment

 Bumble Bea Tea Painting

Bumble Bee Tea Watercolor Painting
Artwork in the Studio

Often, people ask me how it is best to
frame watercolor prints. 
(It really depends upon your own preferences)

This image is "Bumble Bee Tea"
an Original Watercolor Painting.
It is displayed in a 7 X 7 inch opening, square format, matted in a creamy white 12 X 12 mat with a thin Periwinkle Border
A 1930's thin vintage style frame was used to not compete with the delicate art.

UV glass helps to help protect watercolor artwork.

Sleeping Fairy Note Cards

All tied up in a pretty bow

Julie adds final touches to the package.
This gift package is almost ready to be shipped

Becky prepares a package...

...another busy day at the Studio.

off to the Post Office.

A snowy day outside

Dreaming of Spring!

"Time to go home"'s time to go on a WALK



Alwysthkn said...

Your studio sounds like a busy place. How do you find time to paint?

becky kelly studio said... is really a trick.
On those rare days I don't answer the phone, or emails... I am distracted so easily.

Cathy said...

I loved seeing your shop and meeting Julie and your little companion. Thank you!

becky kelly studio said...
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becky kelly studio said...

Thank you Cathy!
We had hundreds of cards arrive in the shop a few days ago. Julie has been getting them out right and left!
Her SUV was packed to the ceiling with packages as she headed off to the post office. (wish I'd take a photo)