Nov 15, 2012

Christmas Cards Coming Soon!

Thank you for your help on selecting this years Christmas Cards.
I wish we could have printed all of them,
but we had to narrow it down to the top  Four Cards.
These cards have gone to press and if everything goes well, they will be ready and in stock next week!  ...   Just in time for the Holidays.

Thank you for your help   

Red Stuffed Stockings . Toys

Celebrate the Magic of the Season


Sugar Plum Dreams

Inside .   May all your Holiday dreams come true
Cover art   .  Watercolor snow scene

Christmas Morning. Joy!
May your Christmas filled with Joy


Jude said...

They all make me smile :) I LOVE your art, I've loved it since I can remember. Some of my favorite cards from my sisters (the cards I saved because I loved them so much) are your artwork. Precious beyond words. Sending love & light from Alabama!

dappled days said...

Will they be available in your Etsy shop for overseas customers?

becky kelly studio said...

Yes! I've ordered them and they are available for preorder @
(Christmas Shop)
find them soon @

becky kelly studio said...

Hey Jude,
Thank you for your beautiful note above....
I Loved reading on your blog about how
"you took a sad song
... and made it better."
; )
You have a beautiful baby in your life.