Nov 20, 2012

Christmas Morning Joy Cards!

You asked, we listened...
Christmas Morning Joy!

Originally, this card was designed with a bright red border. Many people remarked (on my blog and in emails) about how much more they preferred the white border in the original rough.   One woman suggested "The white border shows off the sensitive watercolor look of the card, lending a more charming look and feel".  Another woman said she liked both borders.  The red one is "eye catching, bright and bold".  But, she also tended to prefer the white one for a different look, a softer and warmer feel. 
Several people mentioned the white helped the watercolor detail stand out better and look fresher.

After careful consideration, and after reviewing comments... I have to say I totally agree!   Fortunately, I was able to change the border to white.  With fingers and toes crossed, and with no more glitches, the "Christmas Joy" white bordered cards will be here November 26 - 29th.  Cards may be preordered now.  All preordered cards will be labeled and stamped and ready to go as soon as they are delivered. 

 Although it is too late to make more changes for this year, ( cards have gone to press)
I'd love to know your thoughts.   It will help me with designing next years cards!

Watercolor with White Border
Card with Christmas Red Border


Ride a Little Pony

White vs Red borders?

what would you like to see in a New Christmas Card?

more Spiritual Cards?
leave a message below!
I love reading your comments!

a big Thank you for All your help on this card     ; )


Anonymous said...

I much prefer the cards without the red border. The red border is harsh, in conflict with the art. Lynn H.

becky kelly studio said...

Thanks for your input, so far everyone has liked the white border!

Linda said...

Cards for next year should be children, snowmen and animals in that order! Love the white border!

Anonymous said...

i would love to see sweet animals and children, fairies, angels in woodland set. similar to the cards on your site with the fairies and animals around the christmas tree. i always look for sweet, innocent backgrounds with flowers, bees, bumble bees, trees,mushrooms, gnomes etc. i will buy your cards for my 6 yr old daughter to use at her school and for her family. i found your cards to be the most beautiful, whimsical, innocent cards out there.thank you so much or your art!olivia

becky kelly studio said...

Thank you Linda, children, snowmen and animals - Love it!

becky kelly studio said...

Olivia, Thank you for such the wonderful note. It is helpful to understand what things you are drawn to in my artwork. I love woodland settings, too. I just need to take a walk in the woods and watch the natural "magic" surrounding for inspiration.